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The Bluebell Webcam is the site’s flagship camera, by using a wide angle lens it’s designed to. Home – State of Washington – Washington State Patrol – Contact Us.


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EmbassyWorld provides the Internet’s most comprehensive source of Non-Resident Information on Oceania. Find out about Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.Embassy World was started to help people like you. You probably have questions about a specific country or region and don’t know where to begin. EmbassyWorld gives you an easy way to quickly start looking for answers. We cover hundreds of countries and regions. Helping you quickly find the information you need is our only goal. Other Internet sources direct you to look for information which we have found can be very difficult to find or very incomplete. We are most often available to answer questions about a specific country or region.

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Thank you! I received the cameras in the mail yesterday and am very pleased with them. They look great! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

–Debra Hoyt

I received the webcams today and they are fantastic. They are bigger, brighter and work great. The videos are superb quality. I will only be using your company in the future. I will be telling all my friends about you and your webcams. Thanks again.

Thank you! I’ve received your email and am very pleased.
I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I know that sound foolish. Â I have been in the camera business for a number of years. I know what you see. I know where you want to go. You will not be disappointed in what you get. I’m not trying to blow smoke here. I think the real question would be “why did I not order the cameras that you offer sooner?” The simple answer is that they are better. For the price you give.
Again, thanks. I’m sure I will get a lot of use from these webcams.


I love these cameras…

The cameras look great. Â I am glad I purchased them from you.

–Doris Washington

I just wanted to write and thank you for sending me the web cams. I ordered some pretty heavy duty batteries, and I put one on my MP4 player and the other on my camera. The MP4 and the camera work great together. These cameras look so much better than my previous camera. They are smaller, brighter and a better quality. I am very happy with the product and would definitely recommend it to others.Q:

How to prevent a user from aborting an Elisp process

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Doshi, In this post we are going to discuss the dos and don’ts in the purchase and rental of any item.. Start to download the driver which is compatible with Windows 10 with all possible. This would be anything from a camera, printer, keyboard or even something such as a.Q:

Sql Server 2008 column based partitioning

i have several data sets with following schema:
key INT
,value1 VARCHAR(250)
,value2 VARCHAR(250)
,value3 VARCHAR(250)
,valuer4 VARCHAR(250)

What i want to do is partition them per value4. There are several value1, value2 and value3 values in that table. Each partition should keep at least 5 records. I am thinking of something like this:
FROM table_A
WHERE valuer4 =’myValue’

Maybe some variation like this:
FROM table_A
WHERE valuer4 in (‘myValue’,’myValue2′,’myValue3′)

Any ideas would be great


You can use Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and ROW_NUMBER() to create a partition for you:
with myCTE as
select *,
row_number() over (partition by valuer4 order by key) rn
from myTable
(key, value1, value2, value3)
select *
, value1, value2, value3
, rn
from myCTE
where rn between 5 and 15

EDIT: It seems like you’re just trying to partition your table by value4 — you can use either a static partition:


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