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This is an abstract board game for two players – human or AI – that is easy to learn yet hard to master, played on a tree stump with beautiful procedurally generated backgrounds. The players Black and White take turns. Each turn a player chooses to either place a stone on any free point of the board or to change the color of any trapped stone. A stone is trapped if at least two stones of different color lie next to it. The game ends when there is no free point left and whoever has the most stones on the board wins.

Cold Open
Starting positions
So, we both have a tree stump. You’re Black and I’m White.
Does that make you feel a bit bad? No? No, it doesn’t.
It’s not like I have a big pile of stones on the ground with 5 stones at the top. I’m not one of those kind of people. I can’t just sit there and wait for you to die. No, I’ll just pick this up first. It’s not going to hurt you.
You could even call it cheating.
The rules of the game
You are the black stones on a tree stump.
At each turn you choose whether you would like to either place a stone on an empty point (that is, create a new stone) or to change the color of a stone.
If you want to change the color of a stone, then you must either place two stones of a different color on top of it, or you can create a stone out of the center of the stump (so you get a corner and a center point).
You can only use that corner point once.
If a player decides to move a stone at the same time as you, you can’t use the center point.
Each stone has a numerical value, like in chess. Five stones on the corner gives us 5 points, the center point gives us 4 points, and if you have no stones on it, it will give you 0.
If two stones of the same color are next to each other, then they count as one stone. That means that in the picture I just drew, the corner and center points don’t count. However, if you place three stones on the same point, the center point will now count as two stones.
If you place one stone on the corner point, it will replace the previous stone. This means that if there is already one stone on the corner, it will be removed, and the


Features Key:

  • A detailed maze-like stage
  • Lots of challenging action scenes
  • Lots of traps
  • Lots of bullets
  • Nice puzzles
  • Special effects and animations

Action and adventure game

Synthetic Dreams takes place in a Post-Apocalyptic Underground City. The main goal is to move in that city as far as you can and get everything that you can. You can spend your time gathering resources, crafting stuff, or fighting with strong enemies. As you progress through the game, you will see some action-packed adventures and lots of traps that will really push you to the limits of your wit and prepare you to the battle. Play Synthetic Dreams to find out what the story is behind this game!

Game Controls:

  • Use spacebar for jumping
  • Use control-key (R) for weapons
  • Keyboard works as you imagine it


  • A good 3D action game with lots of traps, enemies and some puzzles to solve
  • Use you in-game keyboard and mouse to walk, jump, shoot, see what is around you, activate the bullets by pressing 'space', or lock you in a room by pressing 'R'


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The goal of the Brick Breaker is to bring the old brick breaker, breakout experiences to life in virtual reality.
In this VR version, you are controlling the paddle with your hands, so everything comes down to your skill.
The levels are similar to the old breakout games, you need to destroy all the bricks to finish a level. But be aware, some bricks cannot be destroyed.
A childish, playful music will ride alongside you through the whole journey.
The game is under development, any support, idea is well received and appreciated.


Matrix Brick breaker 2
The Matrix brick breaker 2, (A/Brick Breaker with more CMD/ASLR) is a program made in my university lab for the LabVIEW programming language.
It is playable on all Apple devices which allow playing games on the home screen.


BrickBlox (by Team 17) is like CNET Rock Band, only with actual bricks and a C#/Unity game engine.

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Liposuction Co. of America – Hollywood, FL

We are seeking full time Certified Surgical Technicians for our group. They are responsible for carrying out the surgical procedures at our centers. They receive, coordinate and monitor all activities in the surgical suites.

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Dots: Revamped! – Support The Dev! [Win/Mac]

Version: 1.0.0

Play Level: Easy

Win Moves: 100


New to Big Klondike is the addition of the Main Tile deck (deck 1). This deck is split up into two piles. One pile is the Top Deck, and the other is the Main Deck. This means you can play a 1 draw version of the game, if you prefer.

Also, the deck is shuffled differently then what has been done in the past. Currently, Big Klondike has been play tested on the Timer with one of our most notable shufflers. This shuffler allows up to 200 moves per game. All other shufflers have been play tested and verified to be possible. Though there is still some optimization to be done, Big Klondike allows for 0-200 moves and up to 5 total shuffles (3 random shuffles and 1 winnable shuffle).

If you wish to play a more casual game, where you don’t have to worry about watching the time as much, the timer can be turned off in the game settings.

Big Klondike is made so that you can create your own shufflers as well. This is done by utilizing our in-game components. You can download the add-on “Stuffit Decks” which is where you can drag and drop your own decks. The easiest way to do this is to go to Tools->Add Components->Stuffit Decks. Then you can start shuffling using our own shufflers. You can also use the new shuffler currently in beta testing. This beta shuffler allows you to go past 200 moves, and to create your own shuffles. You can start a test run here: if you wish to try it out.

We have added the “i” symbol above the columns. This will automatically fill the column to the top.

There are a few changes to the GUI. We decided to go with a smaller and cleaner design. The Big Klondike GUI currently has the cards sorted by color. We have now moved the GUI over to cards being sorted by column, and placing values accordingly.

With Big Klondike, you can adjust the transparency of your GUI with the new GUI settings.

Additional User Interface Changes

We’ve also had to make changes to the GUI just to make it better.


What’s new:

Friday, November 5, 2016

What is it with people of the news, all of you seem to have
immediate reaction and your first thought is to write an insulting comment
about anything we do. Good or bad, it is just the same. Probably your thought
is direct your comment to my like I’m a person who deserves it, or worse you
have used insult followed by the fact that this my the reason I have
decided to use this expression. Now you may feel the victim of my comment, but
I have to tell you the fact you are the one who has let your opinion fly with
a comment, so maybe you should be ashamed of yourself, but honestly, I was just
taking a screenshot of my wallpaper and I was done, I don’t really feel any
need to feel I have done the right thing by writing this, and I am sorry if I
have hurt your feelings, and I will hold myself to whatever I have decided to
do by just posting what wallpaper I like!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I was driving along yesterday
and decided to see the movie Tomorrowland. As I was watching the movie I
thought about the times when I went to see blockbusters, I remember it being
much more fun than it is today. Now in the movie, Tomorrowland,
it was of course at a theme park, and they did it really well, with those
Space rockets, cars, magical streets with smiling people, and all those cool
lights, an army of robots, every person driven by looking into a computer
screen of all information, written and visible when looking at the cameras they
wear. Why do I want to write about this specific topic? I want to talk about
the messed up world we live in today, and I want to concentrate on a couple
categories with which we can find ourselves, and how these are the same, which
is the fear factor. The fear mongering that we live in today is like nature
dealt us with, and we did not stop its ruthless path yet, for now here we are.

For many
years now, we are desensitized to murder and rape, and it seems like something
that should be experienced only in film, but now, it is a part of our daily
lives. When someone is murdered, it is because of a gun, but that could


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Jalopy’s official sound track, the second of many upcoming Jalopy soundtracks. Share your favorite Jalopy sounds with your friends and family!
۹ Songs Remixed.
۵۴ tracks.
Itunes Store™, Apple’s all-in-one store

Check out our other soundtracks!
StickyJackington & I
StickyJackington & The Sancho Sound Machine

Jungle Jackington
Jungle Jackington
– ۹ tracks remixed from the Jalopy soundtrack.
– ۵۴ tracks in total.
– High quality sound.
– Retina display compatible!
– ۴۴٫۱khz audio.
About This Game:
Jalopy is a vehicle-focused puzzle game where you play as a Jalopy. Inspired by a vehicle of the same name and famous designer of tile puzzles called Magus, Jalopy is now available on iOs, Android, Mac OS X and PC.
After unleashing a devastating sonic weapon on its enemies, Jalopy’s monster car is rendered useless. As the factory chief, you must find a new vehicle to rescue your country and get it ready for the next attack.
Your work is simple: you control Jalopy by moving your mouse around the open environment. The goal is to collect parts and craft a better engine.
• Plunge through dangerous levels filled with explosions, debris and all kinds of obstacles that will force you to re-think your approach.
• Build the deadliest engine in history and turn it on your enemy!
• Level up your Jalopy by earning parts and increasing its strength!
• Use a powerful taser to stun the enemy and rescue your co-workers!
• Take advantage of Jalopy’s


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